Private lessons
and Psicopedagogy
in Manresa

A journey from lessons to learning

Education is paramount for all of us and as we all know, the standardized learning process tends to generate some difficulties, as we do not all evolve at the same pace or in the same way. This is particularly important for children who have some kind of learning difficulty.

What do we offer?


Mathematics is another subject in which children most commonly need support. By strengthening their base and helping to correctly understand the problems, our students easily exceed the minimum knowledge required in the school.


As psychopedagogues we treat students with ADHD, Dyslexia, reading compression problems, speech disorders (TEL), Dysgraphia or other peculiarities. Our mission is to minimize its impact so that this does not affect the child’s learning process.

Psychological Support

Children commonly have symptoms of demotivation in school, lack of concentration, poor school performance for no apparent reason … Luckily this can be treated and / or reversed with the support of a professional and personalized follow-up like the one we do.


From ON Learning Innovation we are convinced that all children and young people are able to learn, they just have to have the opportunity, that is, to find their own way of learning. This is why we offer each adolescent child an individualized learning program, with a starting point and specific goals that are measurable over time. What we do is basically show the student the necessary tools and techniques to be able to learn for themselves, autonomously.

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